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Another B-day Over

September 15, 2011

Whoa, I cannot believe that another b-day came and went.  It's been a year since my last post! Crazy.  So, let's see...an overview of the past year.

Hm....I quit photography and styling and almost forgot how fun it is to take pictures and to be in the flow.  Fell into a vortex that spun me to pieces, currently in love with boba.  Yup, that's right- boba!  Got laid off from my fashion job.  And now, back to working fashion while I transition into something new.  Oh yeah, also tried something called Landmark...

Recently I got back from a trip to Boston and Cape Cod.  Cape Cod is probably one of the most charming places I've ever seen...but I haven't seen much. Here are some photos from my trip.  

And, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll stay inspired and post again before the year is over!


B-day in San Francisco

September 17, 2010

So, my dreaded birthday came and went. This year, I decided to visit San Francisco one more time. It had been three years since I've been there but this year's trip was unique because for one, I traveled completely alone and two, I got to re-unite with an old highschool friend from 12 years back. It was wonderful to see him to say the least...and very heartfelt.  I don't recall us being so close during highschool years but he definitely holds a special place with me now.  Here are some pictures from the trip.


Cute As a Button Photoshoot

August 29, 2010

I didn't think I'd be able to get up for my photoshoot this morning. But...I did, and it was fun.  Hardly felt like work at all.  I consider it a success.  Glenn came along to help and assist with creative directing.  Afterwards we lunched on our rip off sushi lunch.  But we made up for it by eating a second lunch at Lee's Sandwich. Mmmmmmm.. Now if I can only get paid in time for my SF trip in 2 weeks. 

 Here are some of the shots from today.  Stay tuned for more + a gallery to come. 





And here is Glenn munching on a pastry and being the test subject.


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Assistant Creative Director Glenn Sandoval

Accessories and wardrobe by Designer Janay Danielle

Tu tu's by Designer Leondra Renee

Model and Actor Alan Greenspan

Model Fred Tru


August 16, 2010

Here are some left over shots from the Alice Make-Up Land Shoot a few months back.  She was a great model and I hardly had to direct her at all. And, she looked fabulous without any stitch of make-up. My favorite!


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Welcome Baby! - A tale of pretty feet and yummy food

August 07, 2010

Arthur and I shot together at Fresco Ristorante, a very tasty Zagat rated restaurant in Glendale.  This isn't typical for us as Arthur usually shoots mostly fashion and glamour photography.  But, it was a "Welcome Baby" event and we got called to do the job. I shot close to a thousand images. Most of which were blurry and out of focus since event photography is great challenge for me and battling light issues in dim/dark places remain one of my most  sure enemies.  These were four of my favorite shots.

The food was very yummy and flavorful.  Meats were just the right juiciness.  Can you tell I was hungry?

I eyed this bowl of peanuts and candy all night.  Much to my dismay, it never reached my taste buds.

This is my favorite photo of the evening. I don't know why I fell in love with this pair of feet.  Something about a pretty tattoo embellishing bare skin....

And here is the pretty feet dancing.


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Fun w/ the Cousins- a Wednesday Evening

August 05, 2010

I headed over to Kimmy's house today for some family fun.  What cute cousins I have!

They fed me tater tots with cheese and bacon.  Mmmmm mmmmmm. :)

Photography by Jenny Ngo

Style by Jenny Ngo

Monday Make-Up Shoot

August 03, 2010

I hadn't done a shoot without my creative team along side me for a while.  I have to say, this was a tough shoot.  But, I did manage to walk away with some decent photos.  I even don't mind the flawed lighting. In fact I think I kind of like it.


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Make-Up by Carmen Aquirre

Style by Yvette Shoemaker

Tuesday Photoshoot with Kai Morae

July 28, 2010

So, our creative team assembled again for yet another successful photoshoot.  This time we are styling and photographing Kai Morae - Lisa Raye's daughter. Kai has a stunning face and flawless skin.  Not to mention she's a natural model and very comfortable with the camera.  Those are the best kinds of models- the kind which self confidence exudes and translates through camera and photos.  It was Kai's only day off this week.  I was shocked to find that she works two jobs.  So, it was very nice of her to join us.  We very much enjoyed working with her. Here are some of photos we took. My favorite photo of her is the one where she is popping bubblegum.  

Creative Director: Britney Porter

Photography by Jenny Ngo

Styled by Britney Porter, Jenny Ngo, Alison Friedman

Hair Design by Nhung Nguyn

Make-Up by Mj Trinidad

Model: Kai Morae



Wedding Expo

July 26, 2010

I dragged myself along to the  Wedding Expo held at the LA Convention Center this Sunday- what was supposed to be my only day off this week. But, I was happy to be there with Arthur, to see some of the amazing final shots he took on our last big shoot together. I really admire and respect his work, and I also like him. I also learned a lot from Don, who was very generous about sharing his knowledge. The crew was fun, which made the time pass a lot quicker than it could have. I got to take some shots of my own, which was fun for about the first 300 clicks.  All in all, it was a long day again but a good one, and I even got to see my bro who was hanging out at Siggraph nearby.

What I realized was this: even though I had proper lighting and a clean backdrop, to achieve a photo you're really satisfied with is still a challenge.  Of all the 300 photos I took, I really felt happy with only one... and slightly happy with another.  At least there was one.  Hooray! :D

Photography by Jenny Ngo

Lighting by Arthur St. John and Don Cunanan

A Glimpse of The Behind The Scenes for "Hey" Video

July 24, 2010

It was a long day on shoot functioning on very little sleep again.  I even somehow managed to leave behind my favorite beige sweater at day's end, still trying desperately to recover it.  Hopefully Arthur can pull some strings and miraculously make my sweater re-appear. I would be ever more happy and grateful.

 I tagged along with Arthur and shot the behind the scenes today for the upcoming "Hey" video by Lil' Jon featuring 3OH! 3.  So, as to be discreet  and without spoiling the video before it arrives, I can only share these small glimpses and snapshots with you.  Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos after the video debut.

I really like these 3OH! 3 guys.  They were really gracious, mellow, and nice.  And best of all, they were camera-friendly which made my job easier.  That's always a plus. Nice dudes. Makes me like them so much more.  :)


 Lil' Jon was nice enough to take a photo with all of us afterwards.  He's a pretty laid back, normal guy, on his off time.  These pictures of me and talent were taken by Arthur St. John.


To be continued.... 


Photography by Jenny Ngo


July 23, 2010

I found these fashion images off another blogger's page.  But you can also find them if you google Miu Miu Resort 2011 Collection.  I couldn't resist- these images were too fun not to show off. My favorite are the two polka-dotted girls in the middle. Feast your eyes on the popping colors and prints below. :)

miu miu resort 2011 collection


Miu Miu 2011 Resort Collection

Blogger http://rachelsueann.onsugar.com/

Photographer: Unknown

Stylist: Unkown


Creating Drama - a Sunday Photoshoot

July 20, 2010

More images to our dramatic Sunday shoot.  It was heavenly fun and awesome images.

 Creative Director: Britney Porter

Photography by Jenny Ngo

Style by Britney Porter and Jenny Ngo

Models: Guzel Muratshina and Nathanael Theisen

Hair Design by Nhung Nguyen

Make-up by Mj Trinidad

Clothing Credits:

Gold Sequin Dress by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture

Ivory Petal Dress by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture

White Dress with Cowl Neck - Courtesy of Dietch

Tan Colored Jacket by Liberty Love

SNIPPET TO Sunday Photoshoot- Downtown LA

July 19, 2010

Brit and I hosted a Sunday photoshoot  in downtown LA.  It was a blast and the models really brought it, as did we all.  I love our creative team.  We're all so strong and together we create amazing images. What a story! The picture quality isn't great here, but take a look. More to come later :)


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Model Guzel Muratshina and Nathanael Theisen

Style by Britney Porter and Jenny Ngo

Hair Design Nhung Nguyen

Make-up by MJ Trinidad


July 17, 2010

The shoot today with 14:59 Magazine was a success to say the least.  Here, Britney, Alison, and I put forth our best work as a team, alongside the very talented Hair Designer Nhung Nguyen and Make-Up Artist MJ Trinidad.  Wow, did the images just come together.  We had the pleasure and luck of working with a group of very sweet and beautiul talent.  Here are a some of the shots.


TALENT 1: Susie Abromeit - Actress

What a cutie Susie was.  She had the look of a classic old Hollywood bombshell starlett and was so much fun and so charming to work with.  We really loved Susie and loved that she loved what we picked out for her. Take a look.

 Here is Susie in hair and make-up getting ready for her first shot.  She is looking lovely in a beige dress with metallic pattern by Karen Zambos. Susie absolutely adored Karen Zambos Vintage Couture.

 She loved this blue dress with gold and silver belt, another Karen Zambos design. We don't blame her.  She looked breath-takingly stunning and I could barely keep my eyes off of her.  What an affair with a blue dress!


TALENT 2: Anthony Royer- Actor/Model

Can you say "HOT!" x 1,000?  Because that's what Anthony was. This is what he wore.



Gap Shirt and 1969 Jeans- courtesy of Janie Lopaty 

7 For All Mankind Denim Jacket, Gap Shirt and 1969 Jeans- courtesy of Janie Lopaty


Here is Anthony, Alison and I for our group pose.  Britney was too shy to join us.


TALENT 3: Rachel Miner - Actress

Rachel will be featured on the front page of 14:59 September Issue.  Upon meeting her, she struck me as a very special and interesting girl. She's mellow and speaks when something needs to be said.  There are no airs, ego, or pretensiousness about her.  She's down-to-earth and very sweet...and she rocked my favorite outfit of the day.  I really liked her. And, she's very pretty, which is always a stylist's favorite.  And best of all, she wasn't fashion intrusive and allowed us stylists to be stylists.  :)

 Rachel, dressed in black and white laced cocktail dress by Karen Zambos Vintage Couture.  Necklace designed by Victoria Lankin. 


My favorite outfit of the day.  Black blouse with bejeweled neckline by Liberty Love.  Yellow linen skirt by Le Sang Des Betes - courtesy of Dietch.  Black patent pumps by Kenneth Cole- courtesty of Janie Lopaty.  What a strong outfit.  I'm absolutely mesmerized by it.  It was perfect for Rachel and it sure did do her justice.


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Style by Jenny Ngo, Britney Porter, Alison Friedman

Hair Design by Nhung Nguyen

Make-Up Design by MJ Trinidad


July 16, 2010

On day two of 14:59 pull day I took a drive to Dietch where David was cool enough to loan me these pieces and even recommended some other showrooms for future reference.  Pictured below are a few of that items I picked. The picture doesn't do it justice but the black shorts with the pleated waistband and adjustable back strap is insane. I love and adore it and want to own it... if it weren't to burn a colossal hole in my pocket.

DIETCH-      Black shorts - Le Sang Des Betes       Yellow linen pleated skirt- Le Sang Des Betes          Pink top with diamond front- Leyendecker        


I also got a chance to stop at Kravetz PR for the first time and I couldn't help but feel charmed by their quaint little courtyard as I walked through it to meet Chad.  What a nice fellow, and nice about me being late.  He loaned me this assortment of jewels and some cute classic looking black and white shoes by Miz Mooz.  I really feel I need these shoes.  They somehow call my name.  Miz Mooz's designs are based on comfort, functionality and style- right up my alley I'd say.  Thumbs up for Miz Mooz for being wearer friendly.


KRAVETZ PR - Lisa Freede



My last stop was to a place where I was most anticipating- the design house of Liberty Love. I was curious and excited to see owner, founder, creator Diana Ra, an old co-worker of mine from years back.  I remembered that she always had great style and an eye for detail so I was curious to see what she had created of her company.  Diana is a very talented, business savy, young woman.  You know that immediately when you meet her.  She's no push over. And, she's very petite. As always she was looking cute and I was excited to chat and catch up with her.  But the lady was busy so I took my loans and headed on home.  Here are a few of her many wonderful designs.  She has some very cool stuff.  And I was very happy to see her success. Way to go Diana!



 Black empire blouse with 3/4 puff sleeves, back tie, and beweled neckline

Grey and black jersey knit Mc Hammer styled cropped pants

Cream knit blouse with chiffon draped angel sleeves


Photography by Jenny Ngo

Most Stylish Fanny Pack by Zambos & Siega

July 16, 2010

Today Brit and I headed out to do some pulls around LA and we had the fortune of meeting Karen Zambos at her downtown office.  What a nice lady indeed!  She was gracious enough to loan us many beautiful pieces for our upcoming photoshoot this weekend with 14:59 Magazine.  And she did it all with a smile and a supreme generous attitude. We later had the priviledge of meeting her BFF Janie Lopaty.  What a pleasure they both were!

While there, I couldn't stop to help myself to this little treasure....

Finally, a cool fanny pack!
It can be worn traditionally on the hip or slung over the shoulder. Yay for Zambos & Siega for combining practicality and style into one! A+++++++

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture http://karenzambos.com/store/

 Photography by Jenny Ngo

Alice Make Up Land: Part II

July 16, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we had the "Part II" and continuation of the Alice Make Up Land photo shoot with Arthur St John again in Burbank. The hours were long and laborious, but the models were troopers, the team was fun and humorous, and the photography and tricks were plenty. Here are some of the amazing work which Alice and her team created. What talented ladies!

Alice Make Up Land Website http://www.alicemakeupland.com/index2.php

Photography by Jenny Ngo

Photo Shoot with Arthur St John and Guzel Muratshina

July 16, 2010

A few weeks ago Arthur and I headed to Malibu for a photo shoot session with Interior Designer and Model/Actress Guzel Muratshina. It was a chilly day at the beach but Guzel survived and the shots came out beautifully.  Here are some of the shots.

Photography by Arthur St John http://www.arthurstjohn.com/about.html

 Style by Arthur St John and Jenny Ngo